There’s something afoot in Poland. Something good. First, Bishops in that country are helping the pro-Catholic political party there outlaw abortion. Second, Poles, like many Europeans, are taking a stand against globalism and turning to Christ. Third, a Eucharistic miracle was just confirmed in the town of Legnica. Pray that God continues to bless the people of Poland.

I’ve always been fascinated by death. And by fascinated I don’t mean eager to die. I mentioned on a recent episode of Church & State that I think we all could spend a little more time in cemeteries praying for the dead and pondering our own mortality. This article, titled “The Last Words of 25 Catholic Saints,” helps us do that. Read it. Reflect on it. Pray about it.

This is about three weeks too late but Elliot Milco over at First Things has written a much needed essay about Catholicism in America. Milco, I think, would identify himself as an integral Catholic. My friend Gabriel S. Sanchez has written about what that term means at his blog Opus Publicum. Both are great reads. In fact, read them together, as they help put to bed the noxious claim that the Catholic faith and the American experiment (i.e. liberalism) are essentially compatible.

Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi is at it again. Well, I shouldn’t say, at it again. He’s always been at it. Recently, he expressed praise and admiration for rock star Prince. In January of this year, he said the following on twitter:

Ravasi is the head of the Pontifical Council for Culture. Is it just me or is this tweet more than inappropriate coming from a prince of the Catholic Church?