“The Birth of a Traditional Roman Catholic Internet Radio Apostolate”

Our story begins about six years ago when we got a call from a priest who was looking for someone with radio experience.  We went to investigate his need.  It turns out at that time we could not be as useful to him as we would have liked to be.  However, we left the place wondering: “How could we help?”  Then the thought came to mind: An internet radio apostolate!


Scan0020[1]Let me introduce ourselves.  We are Lisa and Mike Austin.  We have over 56 years of combined experience in the radio and marketing industries.  We own a production company called Austintatious Productions which has produced the Christopher Check CD’s: Understanding the Age of Martyrs, St. Joan of Arc, Understanding the Inquisition, The Knights Templar, The Cristeros and the Martyrs of the Mexican Revolution, Henry VIII and the Anglican Schism, and The War of the Vendee.



Mike is an on-camera and voice actor and he has produced and voiced projects for Angelus Press: The Commandments of God and A Modern Martyr; The Life of St. Theophane Venard.  He has also done work for Walmart, Harley Davison, IH Case Tractors, Goodwill Industries, Lemonheads Candy, Chinet Comfort Cups, and many more.


On December 24, 2014 Mike said, “Enough.  I’m tired of talking about this.  Let’s put some action to our words.”  Four years was long enough.


With an excess of 35 years in radio broadcasting experience and over 21 years in marketing we felt the gifts that God gave us would be better put to use this way.  From that point, we formed our small group, shared our ideas, and Magnificat Media was born.


We hope you find this educational, efficacious, and at times entertaining.  Our mission is to help people to learn how to “Live Our Faith”, to help support tradition, and to help charities.


We chose the name: “Magnificat Media” and “Magnificat Radio” because the “The Magnificat” was sung by the Virgin Mary, in response to the greeting from St. Elizabeth.  Mary proclaims the Lord’s greatness with humility and grace.  The Magnificat is taken from Luke’s Gospel (1:46-55).  With humility, we are praying that Magnificat Media and Magnificat Radio will magnify God and return all glory and praise back to Him.


As a priestly friend once told us, in the words of St. Joan of Arc to her soldiers, “Go Boldly!” and that is exactly what we will do!  The only way to accomplish such a task is through the help of Our Lady, the Blessed Virgin Mary.  With her intercession we will accomplish our mission.


Deo gratias

“Thanks be to God”

Mike and Lisa Austin and staff



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