The mainstream media and the CIA are coordinating with a cabal of international elites to undermine President-elect Donald Trump. His potential peaceful relationship with Vladimir Putin could set back their plans for global hegemony a full 30 years.

The latest invention in this covert war is “fake news,” which was just recently introduced but will be institutionalized in 2017. Corporate giants Twitter, Facebook, and Google have so far gone along with the global power-brokers, censuring those who dare try to wake the American people from their tranquilized state.

Below, Stephen Kokx discusses the implications of this and predicts what these enemies of Christ have their sights set on for the year ahead. He also puts 2016 into perspective by analyzing the UN’s vote on Israeli settlements, the rise of populism in Europe, the war in Syria, Amoris Laetitia, and Russia’s “hacking” of the presidential election.