On Monday, March 13th a group of Anglicans sang Evensong (the equivalent of Catholic Vespers) in St. Peter’s Basilica. David Moxon, an Anglican “Archbishop” who runs the Anglican Center in Rome, presided over the sacreligious event. Pope Francis was not in attendance.

That this blasphemous ceremony was conducted in St. Peter’s, the seat of the Bishop of Rome, the beating heart of the Eternal City, makes this all the more wicked. One has to wonder just what religion the Catholic Bishops and Cardinals who participated in this service belong to. Certainly not the religion of St. Paul, who in Greece disputed with non-Catholics. Certainly not the religion of St. Augustine, who debated the Donatists. And most definitely not the religion of the Council of Trent, which anathematized those who reject the Petrine Office.

One faith? One church? Sorry. Faith is a theological virtue. Anglicans do not have faith. They cling to mistaken sentiments and false religious beliefs. Their “church” is a man-made imposter established by Henry VIII, not Christ.

The erroneous theology that motivates Catholics to hold these sorts of ecumenical events is premised on the Vatican II idea that Catholics and Protestants need only seek “visible unity.” The claim is that so long as you are baptized and profess that Jesus Christ is the savior then in a certain way you’re already part of Christ’s Church. There’s no need for conversion.

This novel theory is, quite simply, not Catholic. When Our Lord himself prayed that all his followers would be one what he meant was that all of his followers would be united in the same doctrines, the same sacraments, and under the same Pope. In other words, he desired that all men be Catholic. In no way did his prayer for unity mean he wanted Catholics to band together into a loose confederation with Anglicans, Baptists, Lutherans, and the like while agreeing to disagree over doctrine (i.e. while “walking together” in a “reconciled diversity” as Pope Francis likes to say).

In these perverse times, some Catholics express a desire to go back to the “good old days” of the “conservative” John Paul II or Pope Benedict. A foolish statement if there ever was one. Francis is simply bringing to its logical conclusion the revolutionary concepts brought into the Church at the Second Vatican Council. He is simply following in the footsteps of his immediate predecessors, both of whom promoted ecumenism and indifferentism during their Pontificates. The only difference is that Francis has his foot all the way down on the accelerator and the car is going 88mph instead of 55.

The only question that remains now is: Who will rebuke Peter to his face and speak against this abominable event? Will a Traditional Bishop stand up for the rights of God and condemn this odious act? Or will Tradition remain silent, under the claim of being prudent? Time will tell. Until then, the laity must defend the faith:

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