The Confraternity of Catholic Homeschool Mothers…what is this exactly?  Ladies, do you feel overwhelmed, frustrated, a little frantic  or unorganized at times?  You know that you want to raise your children in the best way possible for God but you may not know how to accomplish this.  We might have the answer you’re looking for.  Find out…

School - Wood house - OldThe Confraternity of Catholic Homeschool Mothers is dedicated to the mission of living out the traditional role of the mother in her domestic church.  They say, “Home is where the Heart is” and we are taught in tradition that the ‘heart’ of the family is the mother. How fitting this is that the home, our ‘sanctuary’, our domestic church on earth is precisely where the heart…mother…lives, to nourish, to teach, to grow religious vocations, and to increase a love of God to move her entire family to sainthood!  What a vocation!

We have seen throughout the years a decrease of mothers in the home. So much so that it’s at epidemic levels. The ladies have bought into the lie that they NEED a career.  They need to serve outside the home. In doing so, you give your heart to the world instead of to your children and your husband. God knew precisely what he was doing by making the mother church-cathedral-catholic-christianity-medium[1]the ‘heart’ of the family and the father the ‘head’ of the family. This produces order and it starts in the home!  Each person developing their role, influenced by God, for the sanctity of heaven.  It DOESN’T take a village!!  It takes a wife and mother knowing her unique, sanctifying role in her domestic church and it takes a husband knowing his God given role to provide and care for his family.  THESE two work together, under God, to create and raise children to know, love and serve God in this world so that they will be happy in the next. You can not be happy in the next world unless you learn to know, love, and serve the one who created you and you learn about God through your parents.  By working together in their proper roles, the mother and father give to the world functioning, producing, orderly, mentally stable, God loving children.  If we want order back in our countries then we need to get back to basics.  We need to get back to our proper roles that God created for us. We have put it out of order when we, the ladies, bought into the lie that we needed to leave our ‘sanctuary’, our home.  We unintentionally ripped it’s heart out and in the process helped in bringing down our families and brought chaos to the world.

The Confraternity of Homeschool Mothers is what is needed for ladies to fulfill their roles. It helps to increase the sanctity of the mother, strengthen her marriage, and promotes religious vocations among her children.  This confraternity will help in learning how to raise a Catholic family, how to be holy in ones vocation as a mother and by learning how to be feminine again.  The confraternity will give you the inspiration you need to create that heavenly home for your family. 

This confraternity has six main components: See You in Heaven, Magnificat Media-Radio

1)  Modesty in Dress, Speech, & Action

2)  Promotion of feminine creativity

3)  Homeschooling

4)  Promoting the God given difference between husband & wife

5)  Honoring the Blessed Virgin Mother

6)  Embracing Traditional Motherhood

The book that inspired this confraternity is called See You in Heaven, a short biography and writings of Rosie Gil written by her daughter Maria Thompson.  You can get it here:  See You in Heaven.  The things that you’ll experience in this confraternity are prayer, talking over Rosie’s writings in conjunction with a saints writings, you inspire one another, share ideas, and learn the long forgotten crafts of the home. If you are interested in the Confraternity of Catholic Homeschool Mothers, it’s a simple phone call to Katie Williams at  (319) 621 – 2945.

From Rosie: “It is the good loving mother in the home who lives her life for Him, and hopes and prays she will one day stand before God and hear Him say, “Well done my good and faithful servant.”