As world elites moan and groan over the UK’s departure from the European Union, Catholics should remind themselves (and others) that the current international order is one that has been created solely by the work of human hands. It is nothing more than a straw hut built on quicksand. John 15:5: “I am the vine, you the branches. Without me you can do nothing.”

Persons currently occupying positions of power in this Matrix-like system have, for the past 70 years, been quite successful at re-writing history. So successful that many folks forget that an alternative to Liberalism not only exists but for 1,000 years or so actually existed!

To be sure, the age commonly referred to as Christendom was not perfect. But it isn’t unreasonable to believe that a higher percentage of persons born between 500 and 1500 A.D. are now enjoying eternal bliss than persons born after 1500.

Although some Catholic nations are still around (Malta being one) most of them were forced by the Vatican, in the 60s and 70s, to allow false religious beliefs to be publicly propagated – this presumably because “the dignity of the human person” demanded it. As a result, more and more countries witnessed a drop-off in Catholic membership and a rise in non-Catholic sects.

Frances Mulraney, an Assistant Editor for the website Irish Central, has a nice little post about Ireland’s 1932 Eucharistic Congress. After reading her essay, I started thinking about how glorious a Catholic world order must have been and how the Church Militant in our time must fight to make that a reality once again.

So while it is certainly welcome news that in the UK persons resisting the false song of globalism are making headway, love of country is simply not enough. It is an important first step, but as Pius XI said in Quas Primas in 1925, only when “men recognize, both in private and in public life, that Christ is King, society will at last receive the great blessings of real liberty, well-ordered discipline, peace and harmony.”

The following videos are taken directly from Mulraney’s blog. Enjoy.