“We have freedom to do good or evil; yet to make a choice of evil is not to use, but to abuse our freedom.” – St. Frances de Sales

We have so many great outlets in today’s age that brings our awareness to the pro-life movement and the life of the unborn child but have you ever considered or thought about those babies that survived the attempted abortion on their own lives? What ever happened to them or do you think every abortion is successful?

Surprisingly, there are approximately 40,000 survivors of abortion in the United States alone! Truth be told, not every abortion is successful and these babies that have survived the cruel torture in their own mother’s wombs have faces, names, personalities, a purpose. They survived the attempted death on their lives and they have been wanting to tell their stories for a long time to show women, men, mother’s and father’s of every race that they are not just a piece of tissue, a parasite, a blob of nothing, or that they can’t feel pain in their mother’s womb. They can. They’re real human beings just like you and I.

Think about this. Abortion has to be the cleverest form of ethnic cleansing. According to WHO (World Health Organization) there are approximately 40 to 50 million abortions EVERY YEAR!  This is the silent genocide. The killing of a race one little person at a time. Let’s compare this number to the number of people killed at the concentration camps during WWII. At Auschwitz, Poland; 960,000. At Dachau, Poland; 41,500. At Treblinka, Poland; 700,000 to 900,000 people killed.  In more recent times, Rwanda, Africa; 1,074,017 people killed in just 3 months. These numbers are a horrific fact to humanity but they don’t even come close to the number of abortions that happen every year.                                                             

Let’s make a paradigm shift and see the reality….”Choice” IS a person.

Hear their stories:  I AM CHOICE

“Remember that one does not win the battle without prayer. The choice is yours.” – St. Padre Pio