Fides ex auditu…“Faith comes by hearing” (Romans 10:17)

Magnificat Media is an internet-based Catholic radio apostolate founded by Mike and Lisa Austin of Janesville, Wisconsin in March 2015.

In these confusing times, we decided to take our 50 years combined experience in terrestrial radio to proclaim to all corners of the world the greatness of Almighty God and the teachings of His one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church.

During our first several months on air, we provided listeners with prayers, spiritual conferences, and music. But with Our Lady’s help, we’ve added new programs to our daily lineup.

Great shows like Dr. Jean Pollack’s Mystical Rose Herb Show and Your Morning Tradition with Mike and Lisa focus on health, news, and entertainment from a Catholic perspective. Others like Church and State with Stephen Kokx and Trad Dad Roundtable with Mike Austin and Tim Meinholz discuss everything from international affairs and the Social Kingship of Christ to the challenges of raising a family and how to be a better husband. Louis Tofari’s Learning about the Roman Liturgy provides educational content about the Traditional Latin Mass.

So far, past episodes of these shows have been listened to more than 4,200 times on our SoundCloud page. We’ve also had more than 40,000 unique visits to our blog, and our Facebook and twitter presence have grown by over 200% since last year; not to mention the thousands of listeners across the world who tune in on a daily basis.

We along with a few other benefactors have invested our own personal funds to get Magnificat Media off the ground, but in order to keep it going we need your help. As a 501(c) 3, Magnificat Media relies completely on donations to operate. Unlike a typical podcast, we are a live 24 hour radio station, which requires more capital to sustain our efforts (listen live here).

Will you help us “go forth and teach all nations” and bring Christ to souls in need? We are making a difference, but your help is needed to make the impact Our Lady wants. Your contribution will help cover administrative costs, provide support for our team, expand our blog and social media presence, and add new Catholic programming to our airwaves.

Right now until the end of November we are looking for donations of $25, $50, or $100 to reach our $25,000 goal; but anything you can give will help in our effort to restore all things in Christ.

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In Christ and the Militia Immaculatae

Mike and Lisa Austin and staff