Most everyone has heard of Malachi Martin. Born in Ireland in 1921, he was ordained a Jesuit priest in 1954.

At Vatican II he was the periti of Cardinal Augustine Bea, a rumored Freemason who helped write Nostra Aetate, the Council’s document on Judaism. In 1965, Martin left the Jesuits and moved to New York. Over the next thirty years he appeared on William F. Buckley’s Firing Line, wrote for National Review, authored more than a dozen books on the corruption in the Church, and appeared on Art Bell’s Coast to Coast radio show.

Bernard Janzen, a Traditional Catholic who currently lives in Canada and runs Triumph Communications, interviewed Martin on eight separate occasions throughout the 90s. In this episode of Church and State, Janzen joins Stephen Kokx to discuss some of the more controversial claims surrounding Malachi Martin – his alleged reading of the Third Secret of Fatima, his involvement in exorcisms, accusations of being a double agent, and romantic escapades. In 2016 “Hostage to the Devil,” a documentary about Martin’s life as an exorcist, was released on Netflix.

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