At Our Lady Queen of Peace Church


Retreat Dates: April 24-29, 2017

Subject of the Retreat: Mary, the Mystery Woman

What is Marian Retreat? In this case, it is that all of the conferences and meditations are on Our Lady, as well as the reading at table. The conferences will have a solid doctrinal foundation. The atmosphere of the retreat will be one of silence and reflection. By a Marian retreat women can develop a great love of Our Lady and want to imitate her when they realize who she is.

The devil however does not want women to get to know Our Lady your Queen and Mother (because he realizes the danger) and often find ways of discouraging women from attending such retreats. May this retreat attract those who want to be true women and lovers of Our Lady.

The Vernon area should look like the Holy Land in the spring time in April, so it might help in the meditation of the life of Our Lady. The Women’s Marian retreat this year is at our Property in Vernon, British Columbia (Our Lady Queen of Peace) April 24-29, 2017. Below is the registration basics. If you have any questions feel free to contact Fr Rusak at the Langley Priory (Phone # in the Contact listings below)

Registration DUE MARCH 1, 2017. Include with this form the non-refundable registration fee of Cad $50.00 (Cost with fee incl.: $300). PLEASE PRINT.  

Name: __________________________________

Address: _________________________________

City: ____________________________________

Province/State: ___________________________

Postal Code/Zip: __________________________

Phone #: _________________________________

Date of birth:      /      /             : dd / mm / yy

Special diet (ALLERGIES)? Specify

Disability, health condition ? Specify

Specify diet, allergies, etc. on a separate sheet of paper.

Marital status : ___________________________ .

Profession : _____________________________ .

E-mail : _________________________________ .

How many retreats have you followed? ________________ .

I will drive to Vernon with my car, and I have ____ seats available for other retreatants.

I am looking for a ride to get to Vernon.

I will take the plane and need to be picked up at the Kelowna airport: ________________. Verify with us before booking if pick up, drop off time is possible.

I will take the bus and need to be picked up at Vernon Greyhound bus station at:

____________________ (time).

Do you know how to pray Prime, Sext or Compline in Latin? Circle one. Yes No

Note: Regretfully, we may be obliged to refuse retreatants because of lack of space or if   they have too many specific needs. Those who send there application in first as well as Third Order Members and those who have already followed an Ignatian Retreat will be taken first if there is lack of space.

Before March 1, 2017 Mail or email replies to :





Phone: 604-533-3358 or 250-545-3516