Why does every Fr. Tom, Brother Dick and Deacon Harry in the post-conciliar Church think they have to appropriate cultural norms in order to reach Catholics? The Church got along just fine without karaoke machines, “youth masses” and selfie sticks. 

The blogger at Call Me Jorge asks a great question about this video: “Would you become a martyr for this religion?”

I also wonder just who the heck this is supposed to appeal to. Are grown men who work 10 hours a day to put food on the table for their family of six supposed to be enticed to come back to Church after watching this? Is a person who has been in the world living a life filled with pleasures of the flesh for decades going to say to themselves “you know what, I think I want to take up my cross after seeing that. I am ready to serve the Lord. My Bishop seems cool!” Just what do these effeminate princes of the Church think they are going to solve by putting this embarrassing video on the internet?

The so-called New Evangelization needs to go. Not only is it not working, it’s basically Catholics trying to be Pentecostals – lights, bands, “praise and worship,” you name it. In fact, the New Evangelization as a whole sort of reminds me of this clip from NBC’s 30 Rock:

Listen to Tyler Nethercott discuss the problems with the New Evangelization on Church and State, and I think you’ll know what I mean: