“I would say the UK are better off without the European Union personally, but I’m not making that as a recommendation, just my feeling.” Those are the wise words of Donald J. Trump.

As June 23rd (referendum day for the Brits) draws near, globalists and nationalists are squaring off over whether the United Kingdom should leave or stay in the European Union (imagine if there was a North American Union!) Boris Johnson, the former mayor of London, is the most well known member of Parliament opposed to EU membership. Recently, he compared, accurately I might add, the EU to Napoleon and Hitler, men who, he said, wanted to unify the continent under a single government.

Laughably, those in favor of the UK staying in the EU said Johnson’s comparison was inappropriate. Jürgen Hardt, the foreign affairs spokesman for Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats, said “Anyone who allows himself to stoop to such polemics shows that they are running out of proper arguments.”

Boy that’s rich. How many times have these liberal globalists invoked “the 1930s” to spook the public into supporting their imperialistic plans? I mean, just look at the attacks they’ve launched against Donald Trump here in the States. Playing the Hitler card is the first thing these people do when someone who might disrupt the system comes along.

On top of that, do these criminals honestly think we are too dumb to recognize that manufacturing multicultural, socially hedonistic nations in the image and likeness of man across the world is their end game? Johnson understands what is going on. The comparison fits. Let’s hope the Brits realize what they are up against and that they vote for freedom, true freedom, come June.

Speaking of the EU, her tentacles have reached all the way to the US. More specifically, all the way to North Carolina, Mississippi and Tennessee. Last week, the EU issued the following statement:

The recently adopted laws including in the states of Mississippi, North Carolina and Tennessee, which discriminate against lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex persons in the United States contravene the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, to which the US is a State party, and which states that the law shall prohibit any discrimination and guarantee to all persons equal and effective protection.


As a consequence, cultural, traditional or religious values cannot be invoked to justify any form of discrimination, including discrimination against LGBTI persons. These laws should be reconsidered as soon as possible.

I wrote in this space several weeks ago that “The only purpose these grand alliances serve is to make it easier for the global elite to control the masses.” This letter confirms what I said. The corrupt men who, with help from the prince of this world, are in positions of power across the planet want to usher in the so-called “LGBTI” revolution. Save divine intervention, there is no way of stopping them.

Bp. Bernard Fellay spoke with neo-Catholic media outlet National Catholic Register recently. The full interview with the Bishop will be released in the coming days. For now, we only get a teaser:

The interview reminds me of the profile Catholic News Service did of the Society back in 2012 when a deal between the SSPX and Benedict’s Vatican was all but immanent. Watch that profile here:

Is 2016 going to be a repeat of 2012? Will the SSPX get right up to the line and then, like its founder Abp. Lefebvre, realize it cannot put itself into the hands of Modernist Rome? Or will it trust Francis and Abp. Pozzo, the Secretary of Ecclesia Dei, to secure for it the freedom to operate? So far, it sure feels like this time around Society leadership is much more desirous of “normalization.”