Last week, One Peter Five reported that Pope Emeritus Benedict told a priest friend of his that there are elements of the Third Secret of Fatima that have not yet been disclosed. The story became so popular that Benedict himself issued a statement. In a press release provided by the Vatican Press Office, Pope Benedict denied the claim that he said the Third Secret hasn’t been fully revealed. Such claims “are pure inventions” that are  “absolutely untrue,” he remarked. “The publication of the Third Secret of Fatima is complete.”

One Peter Five has since responded, saying that they stand by their reporting. In other words, they do not think the Third Secret has been fully revealed. I agree with them. Something fishy is going on with this Bishop in White, I mean, Pope Emeritus Benedict. Pray for him as well as for those who continue to withhold the Third Secret.

One month from today, British subjects will head to the polls to decide if they are going to stay or leave the European Union. Archbishop Peter Smith from the Diocese of Southwark said in an interview with Vatican Radio that he thinks the UK should stand on its own instead of relying on the “extremely bureaucratic” EU. Here is how The Catholic Herald reported on his remarks:

European Union ambitions to turn the bloc into the super-state were wrong, said Archbishop Peter Smith of Southwark.


The quest for cohesion between European member states could not come at the price of their legitimate sovereignty, he said.


The archbishop said it was “hard to swallow” the loss of British sovereignty to the EU project of erecting a European “United States”.


“With this real fundamental desire to become more integrated, like a European (United) States – I don’t think that is the right thing to do.”

With these words, Abp. Smith becomes the first Catholic prelate in the UK to express sympathy for the Brexit movement (Brexit is short for “British exit from the EU”). Good for him. We need more princes of the Church coming out against these un-necessary, Masonic unions.

John Allen over at Crux thinks Pope Francis doesn’t like Americans. Allen’s words:

By now, it’s clear that one defining feature both of Francis’ personality and his approach to governance – which shouldn’t be at all surprising, when you think about it – is a distinct ambivalence about the United States and about Americans.

I don’t know about this. Allen’s argument is essentially that a) Pope Francis is from Latin American b) Most Latin Americans don’t like America so c) Pope Francis therefore does’t like America. Read the article if you want. I think its pretty flimsy, as Pope Francis’ actions indicate he dislikes Catholics not for their regional heritage, but for their theological heritage (i.e. attachment to doctrine, Tradition, common sense, etc.).

George Soros, one of the richest men in the world, is buying up tons of gold. So is China. Coincidence?

Catholic Family News (CFM) is hosting a conference in Chicago during the second weekend in June. The topic? “Prophecy, Miracles and Aids to the Faith.” Seems interesting. I have never been to a CFM conference, though I imagine them to be run fairly well. Most of the presenters at this year’s conference are household names for Traditional Catholics: Chris Ferrara, John Salza, Fr. Isaac Relyea, Dr. Andrew Childs. Sign up if you can afford it. It’s only a couple hundred bucks. And be sure to tell John Vennari that you think Stephen Kokx from should be given a chance to present at the next CFM conference. His email is 🙂