After initially having four of its priests give their thoughts on Amoris Laetitia, the SSPX has published an official response to that diabolical document. I’ve been super busy today, so I’ve not had a chance to read much of it. I’m also at a saturation point regarding Amoris Laetitia. So, do me a favor and report back after you’ve read it. And while you’re reading it, think to yourself: I wonder what Archbishop Lefebvre would be saying?

I totally forgot to post this earlier. Hilary White, a known entity to many Traditionalists, has written about her conversion to Tradition from “conservative” Catholicism. Hilary’s experience was much like my own. After coming to Tradition, I felt like I was formerly living in the Matrix. Share this essay on Facebook. It’s sure to arouse some discussion (argument?).

Other bloggers have picked up on the subtle feminist themes present in Pope Francis’ prayer intention video for May. Here is The Remnant’s take and here is One Peter Five’s take.

cropped-ghent1The Josias is precisely what an integral Catholic blog should be: sharp writing, scholarly insight and contributors free from the stench of Americanism. An essay titled “On Civil Authority, and on the Relations between Church and State” was just posted there. The essay was actually written back in the 50s by a Spanish Jesuit priest. The Josias is admirably tracking down these sorts of essays and translating them to English. Solid stuff.

Pope Francis received an award today – the Charlemagne Prize. Allegedly, he has been promoting “European solidarity.” In reality, Francis won this for helping the New World Order turn Europe into a cesspool of “open societies.” During his speech, the humble Bishop of Rome chastised Europeans for not inviting more Mohammedans into their countries. He also called for Europe to “give birth to a new humanism.” St. Pope Pius X pray for us! and for Pope Francis! reports that Donald Trump has hired a pro-life advocate as his top domestic policy director. Interesting.

Speaking of Trump, Pat Buchanan claims that with the Donald’s ascendancy, the voters have fully repudiated the Bush family and all its works. In other words, the American people are once and for all done with neoconservatism and its globalist ambitions. It now belongs to the ash heap of history. I agree, but only if Trump wins the presidency.