Two FSSPX families from POLAND are looking for an au pair. A young foreign person, typically a woman, who helps with housework or child care in exchange for room and board.

Poland is a country nestled in the heart of European Catholic Culture. It has a national heritage that goes back 1,000 years; from medieval old towns to post-war renaissance. It’s rich with the greatest classical composers such as Chopin, Lutosławski, and Górecki, just to name a few. At times you might feel like you are in a time warp however the beauty of the country, exquisite architecture, the distinctive scrumptious food, and the wholesomeness of the people creates a unique well-rounded life steeped in tradition, steadfastness, courage, faith, and joy that will profoundly change your life for the better forever.

If you or someone you know would like this opportunity to help out these families, make some money, and experience European Catholic Culture please contact me HERE and I will give you more information.