We had the distinct pleasure in speaking with Amy Grossi from the Bavarian Inn in Frankenmuth, Michigan.  Today, she spoke to us about the history of the pretzel.  If you didn’t know, the pretzel has a very rich Catholic history.  The pretzel dates back to 600 AD when a monk living between France and Italy was playing with dough left over from his daily baking.  He came up with a unique way in teaching the children about the Triune God and the connection with family.  He called this “pretiola”.  This gained adoration among the people and spread to other monasteries over the Alps and into Austria and Germany where it then became known as the “pretzel”.  

Listen today, July 6, 2015, on Magnificat Radio and hear the rest of the story about the rich Catholic history on the pretzel.  To learn more about the Bavarian Inn and possibly taking in a visit, go to www.bavarianinn.com

To specifically learn more about pretzel making, go to www.bavarianinn.com/experiences