A group of Vatican “scholars” are, for whatever reason, planning to study yet again Martin Luther and the events surrounding the Protestant Revolt.

This is an odd decision. The amount of scholarship the Church has produced on Luther and the events of the 16th century is copious. Do we really need to have another look at it? My hunch is that this study has been commissioned with the conclusions having already been written. It’s essentially a dog and pony show meant to give the impression that an arduous, in-depth investigation has taken place when in reality the eventual report will likely be something along the lines of “Luther didn’t act all that bad. The Church herself also deserves some of the blame.” Modernists always follow the same strategy: diminish the heretic’s actions while highlighting the faults of others.

I think it’s safe to say that in this age of apologies instead of anathemas, where adulation for apostates abounds, Francis & Co. want to have more arrows in their quiver to ward off critics of his ecumenical actions. This study will in all likelihood give them that. One wonders if it might not be the first step in what could be Francis’ effort to canonize the man. Who knows? Luther already has his own Vatican approved stamp, a square in Rome named after him, and is considered by the Conciliar Church as a “witness to the Gospel.”

For a real understanding of the former monk, read TAN’s The Facts about Luther, written by Fr. Patrick F. O’Hare. Or listen to Dr. Peter Chojnowski on Church and State

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