I write this article as a ‘concerned Catholic’ here in the UK. The subject affects everyone who lives here, but it also affects the entire world.

fatima-statueIt is my intention to increase people’s awareness of the problem and encourage them to take action in various ways. PRAYER and ACTION. Nothing will work without prayer – particularly the Holy Rosary – and the endeavor must be placed in the hands of God and Mary.

It is also my intention to form a specific ‘PRAYER CRUSADE’ with members dedicated to offering ardent weekly or daily prayer to combat the dangers. I hope that through Magnificat Radio many people from around the world will join in this initiative. Details of this are below.

Islam has been the enemy of Christianity since it began 1400 years ago. It is an ideology, not just a religion, with 7th Century barbaric rules. Muslims themselves are ‘terrorized’ into remaining Muslim and becoming apostate means Death! There is a lot of confusion in regard to ISIS. Many mistakenly think that the terrorist attacks we see today are an extreme version of Islam – NO – it is just Islam as outlined in the Koran. There is no such thing as ‘moderate Islam’ and many of the Imams (A Mosque Leader) tell us this quite clearly. (Those who say otherwise are using TAQIYYA – the system used to lie to non-Muslims). 

We hear too of the ‘peaceful majority’. Well, the so-called ‘peaceful majority’ never speak out against the abuses and atrocities. As was seen in Lebanon, they only remain ‘peaceful’ until the Jihad takeover and then it all changes as the Lebanese people found out to their terrible cost.  God forbid, but the same fate could await us all.  (Listen to Brigitte Gabriel who lived through this time and has videos and a book available).

Our Lady at Fatima spoke of a ‘Diabolical Disorientation’ which would affect the Leaders of the Church. Doubtless, this same ‘disorientation’ (orchestrated by the Devil) is affecting most of the World Leaders as well.  See this article on Jayne Senior and her struggles with local authority: http://www.thevineyagency.com/author_jaynesenior.html

This manifests itself by these leaders bringing into their countries huge numbers of St. Thomas AquinasMuslim Migrants. The vast majority are fit young males of fighting age. Look at the pictures on the media – no starving waifs among them. St Thomas Acquinas wrote a very good piece about immigrants being brought into a country which puts the ‘common good’ above all.  Take a look in his masterpiece, the Summa Theologica, in the second part of the first part, question 105, article 3 (I-II, Q. 105, Art. 3).

Well, the ruling elites are doing the complete opposite. They are NOT looking after the common good of their peoples. 

Let us look now at the effects of this mass-migration; greatly facilitated by the ‘poison’ of Political Correctness and the so-called Human Rights laws.

They do not integrate and have no intention of doing so. Indeed, the Koran forbids them to ‘befriend the infidel’. Gradually enclaves are formed where even the Police will not enter. (Did we fight two World Wars for this to happen?)

They demand many concessions. e.g. Provision of Halal foods – even in schools and hospitals.  This is a classic situation of “…give them an inch and they take a mile”.

Mohammed was a paedophile and ‘married’ a 6-yr old girl. This was consumated at the age of 9 and he encouraged his followers to do the same. (All in the Koran).  This is why we see an epidemic of rape and the sexual violation of children wherever large numbers of Muslims settle. For example: Cover up of a 4 year old girl that was raped in Twin Falls, Idaho, USA; article written by Michelle Malkin and dated June 22, 2016, A report and article of 2,000 men sexually assaulted and 1,200 women at Cologne New Years Eve Party; article written by Rick Noack and dated July 11, 2016, 20 refugees rape an 11 year old girl in a public bath in Stockholm, Sweden; article dated March 28, 2014.  Here’s the video of the report: 


Unbelievably, the Authorities deliberately cover this up and refuse to help these victims because they don’t want to ‘rock the multi-cultural boat’. It truly beggars belief – how can they sleep at night?

As they gain more and more control (all facilitated by Govts), then they start to get more violent – as we can see today. Over the last few weeks we have seen one attrocity after another.  The following 6 attacks were carried out with a few of weeks of each other.

  1. The Truck Attack in France killing 84; many injured.
  2. An Axe Attack on a train in Germany – many injured.
  3. The shooting at a restaurant – 9 young people killed.
  4. An attempted back-pack bomb in Germany.
  5. A Catholic Priest beheaded at Mass in France.
  6. London (Russell Square) – mass stabbing with one killed an many injured.

“Can we really believe anything that the news channels tell us? Could it be true that the left liberals on our screens simply aren’t telling us the truth?”

The excuses given for violent attacks are: “…someone suffering from mental illness”. “…someone radicalized”. “…a disaffected youth who felt alienated”. ALL LIES AND DECEPTION. No, the truth is (based on centuries of history) Islam wants to take over the world and this is how they are doing it. Nothing has changed in regard to Islam – only our misplaced attitude towards it!

So, what to do about it? Well, we can simply ignore the fact and ‘hope it wont happen to us’. Or, take courage and remember Our Lady’s promise that her Immaculate Heart will triumph, and form Prayer Groups. Group prayer is, of course more powerful than individual prayer and ‘Prayer Cells’ are a good way of doing this – particularly these days when traditional Catholics are so few in number and spread out over great distances.


I am here now, as a citizen of the UK (although I was born in Ireland) to ask for people to pray specifically for England and the United Kingdom. People in the USA and other countries may feel “…well, I need to pray for my own country”, and that is perfectly understandable. However, the UK has particular problems. It is a Protestant country and is now greatly secularized. There are very few church-going Anglicans. Since the terrible effects of Vatican II, the Catholic Church is in total disarray and is neo-Protestant. So, few pray and few attend church. It is my ardent hope, therefore, that people in America, and other lands, may take pity on us and help us. I would only mention further that the Laws of England were brought to America and the values it upholds made your country what is is (or was). Also, England civilized much of the world and brought medicine, science, technology to much of it. Well, poor old England now needs herself to be rescued and I hope that you will have compassion upon her. England is called ‘The Dowry of Mary’ and anyone who offers prayer and sacrifice for her will undoubtedly be rewarded – both personally and in benefits to their own country. As you know God and Mary are never out-done in generosity.

I will now leave this endeavor in the care of the Holy Ghost and Our Blessed Mother; along with St Edward the Confessor. It is my hope to call it ‘ST EDWARD’S PRAYER WARRIORS’.

God bless, Aine Monaghan




St. Edward - Confessor and King of EnglandThis Apostolate is placed under the protection of Our Lady of Walsingham and St Edward the Confessor.  (We also invoke all the Saints and Holy Martyrs of England).



Aims:  1. To pray most ardently in reparation for the sins of the United Kingdom. (Abortion, immorality, sins agains nature, general Godlessness, etc., etc)

  1. To ask the Holy Ghost for enlightenment for political leaders to work for the ‘common good’ of the country.
  2. In particular, for very special Graces to be given to the Prime Minister, Theresa May, that she does the Will of God, and not her own. That will take great courage and fortitude as she will face strong opposition.
  3. As this ‘fair isle’ is called THE DOWRY OF MARY since medieval times and has a long history of devotion to the Mother of God; that she obtain from God very special mercies and – TIME – in order to make reparation to Him.


Suggested Devotions and Prayers – weekly or daily – whatever you can manage

  1. The Mass and the Holy Rosary  th[9] (11)
  2. Prayers for the Holy Souls of the UK – the War Dead in particular.
  3. The Prayer ‘To Prevent One Mortal Sin’ in the UK. (Perhaps a baby saved from an abortion clinic).  These babies may one day grow up to become great leaders or churchmen/women).