Meet Elizabeth, The Solitary Swan.  A twenty-something year old who loves everything vintage.

She enjoys cooking, music, books, writing, and family life.  The inspiration for this personal blog is two-fold.  One, to bring girls together in like-mindedness for support in 7273362[1]this world we live in today.  Two, concern over seeing girls becoming immodest in their dress.  Elizabeth loves talking and writing about her Catholic faith, her German heritage, books, modest dressing, and many other things.  She would like Solitary Swan to be a place where girls can get inspiration, guidance, and a fun space to go and explore.

Beside Solitary Swan, Elizabeth, also invites you to explore the world of Imagine Castora.  Imagine Castora is the mind of a young woman striving to contribute quality literature to a world that is starving for goodness.  She says, “I am appalled by the books being offered to children these days.  What happened to morals, ethics, virtue?  Books like the ‘Chronicles of Narnia’, ‘Little House on the Prairie’, ‘Oliver Twist’ are never going to go out of style as they teach important life lessons.  A great many of the books suggested for the education of children today are….well, frankly, they’re very low quality.  I would like to empower people, challenge authors to bring back quality literature to all ages, but especially to the formative age, that of childhood.”   Elizabeth is an accomplished writer.  She began seriously writing when she was 14 and started her first book, “Hazel Gray” which is the first book in The Castora Adventures series.  She recently finished her second book in the series, the sequel to “Hazel Gray” called “The Silver Lark and Gypsy Green”. 

You can hear more about her story, Solitary Swan, and Imagine Castora by listening to Magnificat Radio at August 24th from 6am – 8am and from 3pm – 5pm CST, USA.  To visit her blog go to The Solitary Swan.