We have all been touched by conflict and crosses within our own family’s and amongst our friends. 

tragedy-magnificat-media-radio-night1None of us are immune to tragedy. There is tragedy all over the world on many continents such as Africa, Asia, Europe, Canada, North America, South America, and Australia.  We are often called to help these people out in any way we can.

Charity, the crown of all the virtues, is what is truly being asked of us. Our faith, another virtue, is very important however if it is not accompanied by the virtue of charity than our faith is to no avail.  The soul that possesses a living faith is the same soul which at the same time possesses grace and charity. St. Paul forewarned us when he said, “And if I have all faith so as to remove mountains, yet do not have charity, I am nothing.”

We must first and foremost have a love of God which then is past down to our neighbor which then is past down to love of self.  St. John writes of Jesus in John 13, 35, “By this will all men know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.” This is all good to know but how does one go about this practice of charity? Well, it starts with frequent magnificat-media-radio-amazing-animal-beautiful-beautifull1prayer, and if possible, daily attendance at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass with the reception of Holy Communion plus frequent confession. Our own Blessed Mother Mary is the perfect example. The foundation  of her virtues was humility and the virtue of charity was the soul. She loved God with her whole heart, her whole soul, and her whole mind which brought her to love her neighbor. How did Our Lady than show acts of charity? By giving what she could. She gave us her only son to suffer and die to open the gates of heaven for us. She gave us herself in praying for us and in physically helping people. The example comes to mind when our Lady visited her cousin Elizabeth and helped in the last stages of her pregnancy with St. John the Baptist and if she could, I’m sure, she would have given people any financial help they may have needed.

At times the burden of these crosses that we’re talking about can be overwhelming physically, mentally, and financially. Would you find it in your heart to give some prayers, have a Mass said, or even give financially to help off set the cost of some of these financial burdens? Below is a short list of people that need your help. May God bless you.

Patrick Tinning: Battling cancer and the expenses that go with it.  Please visit HERE

Pat Werick: Battling an autoimmune disease that affects the lungs and kidneys and the expenses that go with it. The doctors are diagnosing it as granulomatosis with polyangiitis or Wegener’s Disease.  Please visit HERE

John Vennari: Battling cancer and the expenses that go with it. Please visit HERE

Karina Barron: Requesting prayers.