The current liberal world order seeks to eradicate from public discourse the one true faith, which it views as an expositor of “hate speech.”

Having rejected God and having declared man King of the Universe, liberalism provides “order” by way of police power. It knows neither charity nor justice (the true pillars of any well-ordered society) which flow from submission to Jesus Christ.

Wikileaks has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that collusion takes place between international elites, the mainstream media, and the intelligence community. It goes without saying that those who run this Matrix-like system are downright evil and will lie, even kill, to keep their power. But God is always in control and will judge these souls accordingly.

During the 2016 presidential campaign Wikileaks exposed some rather strange emails written by Clinton campaign manager John Podesta. The most bizarre correspondence was when Podesta and his pals referenced “napkins,” “cheese pizza,” “lasagna,” and other assorted Italian dishes in emails primarily about national security. Ben Swann of CBS Atlanta was one of the few reporters to present the story objectively, noting that these remarks might not be mere suggestions for dinner:

But in the United States where the one-eyed, corporate media sees all any inquiry into the truth of “Pizzagate” was instantly derided. Strange. Americans are told that what makes a good journalist is someone who takes a fair, in-depth look at a story. No longer.

But again, the West is blind to evil, having given itself entirely over to it. They believe everyone is essentially good. Only Christians, who want to impose their Puritanical beliefs, are bad.

Catholics, on the other hand, are acutely aware of the ways of the devil, and know he prowls about seeking the ruin of souls. They realize that if Christ could be tempted by the prince of this world to fall down and worship him in exchange for the kingdoms of this world then modern man can be tempted in the same way.

Over the past several years stories about widespread child abuse have come to the surface. Elijah Wood, famous for his role in The Lord of the Rings, has said Hollywood is full of pedophiles. Corey Feldman, a child actor in the 1980s, said friends of his were raped as teenagers. Dennis Hastert, the Republican Speaker of the House during the Bush presidency, was recently found guilty of molesting numerous children.

Yet the oligarchs at ABC, NBC, CBS, and the like don’t think this is newsworthy. They simply do not report on it.

Enter Phil McGraw.

Dr. Phil is a media figure fairly well known to American audiences. On March 21st, he had on his television program a woman who was sold into a worldwide sex trafficking ring where she was pawned off to corporate titans, elite politicians, and others.

No doubt It takes guts to put this woman on air. Question her if you like. But her story makes complete sense if you believe the devil exists and understand that today’s rotten society can only be the product of rotten souls not in the service of God but of Satan himself. Watch the show on Dr. Phil’s website by clicking here.

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