The Hunger Games is an extremely popular movie franchise about a dystopian (what else?) society where a powerful central government known as The Capitol controls – psychologically, economically, politically and culturally – the 13 “districts” that comprise the country of Panem. Every year a “Hunger Games” takes place. The games are a fight to the death with children from the districts and are punishment for an uprising against The Capitol that took place in the not so distant past.

Essentially, the four Hunger Games films track the efforts of the districts as they rebel against Panem’s president, the revolution being lead by a teenage girl (Hollywood never tires of making us think there are no differences between men and women).

The Hunger Games is more real life than folks imagine. One could argue that the “districts” represent the seven continents, The Capitol the United Nations, corporate news psychological warfare, global capitalism economic servitude, “democracy” and “freedom” political domination and the UN’s Sustainability Goals a sort of cultural control.

Consider the following:

When the United Nations passed its climate change agreement in Paris not long ago, included in it was language about how women have a right to contraception and abortion.

UNICEF (the UN’s fund for children) is currently taking action in Canada, arguing that euthanasia for adolescents should be considered a human right.

The European Union issued a statement just the other week calling on North Carolina to rescind her “anti-LGBT” law that says men can’t use women’s bathrooms.

And just days ago, the UN’s Working Group on Discrimination Against Women (a misnomer if there ever was one) attacked the nation of Hungary for its pro-life, pro-gender roles policies.

According to, the Working Group issued a report (more like Capitol-style interrogation) after a 10-day tour of the country. Their findings? Hungary “disguises gender discrimination under an ideology of conservative family values.” Abortion “is obstructed by unnecessary waiting periods, hostile counseling” and “conscientious objection.”

Other excerpts from the LifeSiteNews article:

The report singles out Hungary’s constitutional guarantee for the right to life from the moment of conception, blaming it for the many obstacles to abortion alleged by “interlocutors” whom the Working Group met in their 10-day tour. These include a mandatory three-day waiting period faced by women after they apply for an abortion, during which time they are “subjected” to “hostile” counselling—presumably counselling on alternatives to abortion.


The report further complains that medical personnel are free to refuse to do abortions for reasons of conscience. The Working Group wants this right removed. 


The report also charges that government politicians have condemned non-government agencies championing both feminist and “LGBTI” values of being enemies of the state, encouraging harassment by hostile social forces.

Pray. Fast and pray. Truth can tolerate error but error is incapable of tolerating truth – and won’t for much longer. The Prince of this World never rests.