Please be generous in your prayers for the following person:  I would like some support and prayer. One, dealing with one of the 7 capital vices. It was great to hear the (particular sin I am dealing with) sin brought up yesterday morning. A little history, I am newly baptized and trying to stay as pure and wholly as possible. This sin has been a sin since I was a child. With little to no family guidance, and with the wicked world, Christ was never the answer until I reached reason to know better, but at that point I was fighting for my life “on my own” and suffered like so many. Now that I have found the true faith, I do still deal with this, but realize what I face with living this true life. If I could have some prayer for perseverance, guidance, purity, and safeguarding that would be HUGE. I love this site and it’s the only thing I listen to anymore…everyday!

Thank you for all that you do!