Please be generous in your prayers for the following person: My entire family has been praying from the past few months for my son Roland to be blessed with a job in the US, post completion of his Masters of Science Degree. Till today, whatever I have asked for in prayer the Lord has blessed me and my family abundantly. But today, I am standing a helpless mother, tears rolling in my eyes because inspite of all my son’s efforts in the interviews, he is not getting any job offer. He is a very God-fearing, prayerful boy and I am too concerned for his anxieties. He is undergoing tremendous stress at this moment. I am in India and cannot even caress him when he needs to be comforted. All his colleagues are with jobs now and he who always reached out to help others in studies or in job hunt is without any job. Please lift him up in your prayers. Lord Jesus please open the door of a job no matter how small to begin with for my son Roland. He is desperately in need of a job. Praise You Abba Father, Thank You Jesus, Thank You Holy Spirit.