Please be generous in your prayers for the following people: Hi I need prayer against unforgiveness and for me to receive the Holy Spirit fully into my life. Ive been feeling depressed and lost. To jesus restore my relationship with my sister Bruna, asking for her forgiveness and break her silence towards me. Amen. She just wont talk to me.  Shes just angry and thats exactly what the devil wants. Cause he knows shes my only family and wants me to live on my own all my life with no sister and no one. I just can’t sleep. I have no peace in reason of her silence. I dont understand. I feel pain in my heart all the time missing her. I want to see her talking to me so we can work it out as adults. Help me pray for Bruna to have real friends in her life. So lets pray she’ll have real blessed friendships. Pray for Bruna more please. She needs it more. Its her the one who won’t forgive and doing horrible things against me. Amen. Bless u all..