In the late 1940’s, Communist leaders in Russia called upon their composers to get busy and write more opera classics.

composers-magnificat-media-radioThey complained of too much “abstract” music and not enough with “inner meaning, melodic richness, breadth of scale, popular character and clear, sumptuous musical form.”

They warned that a continuation of such shortcomings would “have to be dealt with.”  There is much food for thought in this Red directive. After rooting God out of everyday life, including music, is it any wonder that there is no “inner meaning” to the works of their composers?  It is like trying to create a man without a soul.

A similar complaint is being voiced by many people in our country today. They say our music, literature, movies, television and radio have little substance.  The more spiritual ideals are eliminated, the less “inner meaning” they contain. 

Complaining, however, is of little value.  Taking positive steps to restore what is missing is the only solution. “Living Our Faith” is “true restoration for all things in Christ”.catholic-art 

“I am Alpha and Omega; the beginning and the end. To him that thirsteth, I will give of the foundation of the water of life, freely.” (Apocalypse 21:6)

O Lord, help me to bring back the soul of art by restoring You to the marketplace.