I’m sure most of you, like myself, have often wondered what or how do you discern a religious vocation? 

Do you get a feeling?  Do you receive infused knowledge?  Is it an unexpected revelation?  What exactly is it?

A religious vocation is nothing more than a unyielding will driven by grace to accept the three evangelical counsels; chastity, poverty, and obedience, as a means to the end which is the perfection of charity.  A vocation is the judicious moderation between something totally objective and  something totally subjection.   thBGBPGC26

Fr. Richard Butler says, there is no such thing as “having a vocation” as if you possess something.  Instead, if you are serious about a religious vocation ask yourself these questions.

  • Do I really want the perfection of charity?    
  • Am I free of anything that might be a hindrance or an obstruction to my embracing the religious life?   

                   – Poor physical or mental health                                                                                  

                   – Slavery to a vice

                   – Dependents; husband, wife, children, elderly parents

                   – Financial liabilities

  • Do I have the magnanimity of soul to carry it through?    

                   – Generosity in my love of God

                   – Desire for virtuethAIOJEBJM                                               

                   – Generosity with others

                   – Frankness

                   – Lack of pretence or deceit

                   – Moderation in honors

                   – Balanced appreciation of God’s creatures (a sense of order)

                   – Prudence