The year is 1753.  The date, April 25 when John Licci, a holy religious Dominican, was Beatified by Pope Benedict the XIV. 

What happened prior to this day to bring such an honor?  Let’s investigate. 

John was born in Sicily in the year 1400.  While giving birth to John, Mrs. Licci died.  Mr. Licci who worked in the fields, fed little John crushed pomegranates and was forced to th[2]leave little baby John alone while he worked.  While working a neighbor lady heard baby John crying and came to his rescue.  She took him to her home and fed him.  While baby John was there she laid him on the bed next to her paralyzed husband and the man was instantly cured!  The woman told Mr. Licci about the miracle but he didn’t give it much concern.  He was bothered more that she was meddling in his affairs and took John without permission.  He took John back home but when he did so the neighbors paralysis returned.  When John was brought back the paralyzed man was healed.  At this point, John’s father took this as a sign and allowed baby John to be cared for by the neighbors.

During his youth John developed into a percocious and emotional child.  By the age of 10, John was reciting the Daily Offices and by the age of 15 while on a trip to Palermo, Italy, giving his confession in Saint Zita of Lucca church to blessed Fr. Peter Geremia, it was suggested to him that he consider entering the religious life.  John consider himself unworthy but did join the Dominican’s in 1415 at the encouragement of blessed Fr. Peter Geremia.  John wore the habit the longest period known for anyone, 96 years!

While overseeing the construction of the convent of St. Zita, they ran out of money for the construction.  Father John decided to pray for guidance and while he prayed he had a vision of an angel who told him to “build on the foundations that were already built.”  The following day Father John set out to investigate the nearby woods.  In his investigation he came across the foundation of a church called Saint Mary of the Angels.  This was a churchIMG_2207[1] that was started many years ago but never was finished.  Father John assumed this was it and developed the site.  So many miracles happened while constructing convent.  Here are a few.  During construction the workmen ran out of materials.  The next day a large ox-drawn wagon arrived.  The driver unloaded in contents; large quantities of stone, lime, and sand.  The driver left the oxen and the wagon for the convent and then just disappeared.  There was a point during construction that a well got in the way so Father John blessed it and it dried up.  When construction was finished he blessed it again and the water began to flow.  That wasn’t all, when roof beams were cut too short, Father John prayed over them and they stretched out.  There were even days when Father John had to miraculously multiply bread and wine to feed the workers.  One day a young lad came to the construction site to watch his uncle set stones.  While he was there he fell from a wall and was killed.  Father John prayed over him and the boy was restored to life and good health.

Another amazing story about Father John was when he and two Dominican brothers were working on the road near the convent near Caccamo, Italy, when a set of bandits approached them.  One thief tried to stab Father John with his dagger but the man’s hand drooped and became paralyzed. The band of thieves decided to let them go and ask for forgiveness.  Father John made the Sign of the Cross at them and the thief’s hand was fully recovered.

Many miracles surround Father John during his 90 plus years in the habit.  So much so he became know for them and his good works.  Once one of his blessings caused the breadbox of a nearby widow to stay miraculously full, feeding her and her six children.  Another miracle; his blessing of the parishioners cattle prevented disease from taking them over. 

Blessed Father John Licci was also known as a healer.  He cured at least three people heads had been crushed in accidents.  He died at the age of 111 of natural causes on November 14, 1511. 


Joe and Winnie Gorman are first hand witnesses to the miracles of Blessed Father John Licci.  Their son, John, was in a terrible tree accident and by all accounts it is truly a miracle that he is still living with his parents today.  The doctors were even baffled by the miraculous turn around after the relic of Blessed Father John Licci was placed by their son’s side.  Join Your Morning Tradition for this fantastic story of John Gorman and his family today, February 18th, 2016 on MAGNIFICAT RADIO from 6am – 8am and from 3pm – 5pm, CST, USA @ ~ “Living Our Faith”.  Click the LISTEN LIVE button.  See comments below.