Your Morning Tradition on Magnificat Radio had the opportunity to speak with Rita Davidson, the author of Immodesty, Satan’s Virtue. 

We checked in with her about how her book was coming along and found out that you can have a part in helping create her book!  Don’t wait!  Cast your vote!  You get to choose the front cover of her book!  Choose from four different designs.  See below.



To find out more about Immodesty, Satan’s Virtue and to see how Rita is doing, listen to Your Morning Tradition on Magnificat Radio at from 6am – 8am and from 3pm – 5pm, CST, USA, Friday, November 13th, 2015 ~ “Living Our Faith”©  .  To officially cast your vote click this link:  Rita Davidson from Little Flower Family Press.  While you’re there you can order your book and receive a 30 day study with Rita!