I went to a Catholic Family News Conference on the weekend of May 29, 2015.  The title of this conference was Children of the Latter Days; a Catholic Treatment of Apocalypse, Anti-Christ, and Apostasy.  It sounds terrifying, right?  Well, you could say that I, kind of, gravitate to things of this nature.  Not so much as to scare the life out of me but more on the notion to be prepared.  If you go through life living with your head in the sand you’ll miss so much of life and the opportunity to avoid something that may harm you or gain something that may help you. 


They had ten fantastic speakers which were very informative, knowledgeable, and unique in their own way.  These were very learned people.  They have studied their own unique field for years.  Was it scary?  Sure!  It’s the Apocalypse!  But there also was a message of hope.  We know we live in grave times.  We can see with our own eyes how people have turned their backs on God.  Some don’t even believe He exists.  That is very sad!  Because of Pride, they refuse to see the God that created them.  Pride is what got us to this troubling point in our history.  People want us to think that we can live with God AND sin, within ourselves, side by side.  Isn’t this pride speaking?  It’s delusional!  You could possibly say it’s schizophrenic.  We are not suppose to live with sin, we are to purge it!  God and sin do not live hand in hand.  Read Romans 6, 3-11.   According to the St. Andrews Missal, “Since we are grafted into Christ, all the mysteries of His life must be reproduced in us.  We must die with Him to sin, and live a wholly new life with Him.”  God wants us to get rid of sin and replace it with humility.


Will God send us a chastisement?  Unfortunately, yes.  Remember Sodom and Gomorrah?  Are we any better than that?  Will this chastisement be in our lifetime?  Possibly.  So what can we do about it?  More than what you’re doing now.  Here are some suggestions: pray the rosary, daily; wear your brown scapular; keep the five first Saturdays and include the five first Fridays.  If you don’t have the first Fridays or Saturdays where you live then have Holy Hours in your home.  Invite your friends and family members.

Here’s another idea, fast.  Consider fasting on either Wednesday or Friday or both.  Do what you can.  God loves sacrifice.  Isn’t that what his Son did for us?  Aren’t we supposed to join our sacrifices with Him on the cross?  Have we become so complacent, so comfortable that we can’t give back?  Do more and maybe God will have mercy on us all.

To hear more about this conference and an interview with John Vennari, listen to Magnificat Radio at www.magnificatmedia.com on Thursday, July 9th, 2015.  To purchase copies of this conference go to www.cfnews.org