Immediately before the principal Sunday Mass, the celebrant, wearing a cope and

th[10]accompanied by his ministers, intones at the foot of the altar the Asperges me or Vidi Aquam, according to the time of year; he then sprinkles the altar, himself, the clergy and people, to prepare them by this purification to take part worthily in the Holy Sacrifice.

Hyssop, pictured to the right, is a tufted plant which the Jews used for aspersions. In Egypt the Jews were commanded to take blood and sprinkle it on the doorposts. The blood was sprinkled with the hyssop.  Hyssop is used for purification and healing.

Today, in the Catholic Church we don’t use Hyssop but we do use Holy Water as a spiritual cleansing. Holy Water is one of the Church’s sacramentals, through its devout use and the charity of the user, venial sins are remitted. 

Along with the Asperges, have you ever heard of the word, aspersory or aspergil? If these words haven’t crossed your lips or you’re just curious then you might want to tune in to Magnificat Radio at, Thursday, August 27th from 6am – 8am or 3pm – 5pm CST when we interview Louis Tofari from            masthead_new900-2[1]   regarding the Asperges.

Below is a video of the audio of Asperges me Domine.

Here below is another video of the audio of Vidi aquam.