The Mother of God warned of the present-day crisis of the Catholic Church, the destruction of her enemies, and putting into office a new Marian era that will come.  thFKIHV607 Our Heavenly Mother came to warn us some 300 years before the well-known apparitions at Fatima.  Who was this chosen and favored soul that heaven picked to inform us of these warnings?  Mother Mariana de Jesus Torres.  She was given to know many future events some of which, it is said, may be contained in the third part of the message of 1917 but have still not been revealed, such as, the apostasy in the clergy, the general extinguishing of the light of Faith, a conspiracy against the Church and the dominion of Satan. 

Sister Mariana lived an extraordinary life.  The number of visions, mystical favors, and miracles granted to her by heaven are many!  Sister Mariana did in fact die three times.  Historic and documented evidence shows that this holy religious truly died in 1582 and returned to life.  She then continued to live until her second death on Good Friday of 1588.  On Easter Sunday morning, two days later, she was resurrected again.  Sister Mariana did finally die on January 16, 1635.  Sister Mariana was given to know many future events, especially the situation of the Church in the 20th century and which unfortunately continues to this day.  Our Lady told her that in these deplorable times of today, heresies would abound, there would be almost complete corruption of manners and customs, and the light of the Faith would nearly be extinguished!  Sister Mariana, a 17th century sister, was asked to become an expiatory victim for OUR times.  What is an expiatory victim?  One who atones for sin committed against God through sacrifices.  She became a sacrificial victim for the many profanations, blasphemies, abuses that go on today and to hasten the day of the triumphant restoration of the Church.

The prophecies of Our Lady of Good Success regarding the 20th century speak directly of an extreme crisis in the Church and in civil society.  Our Mother warned sister Mariana de Jesus Torres that the Sacraments would be abused and set aside, that vocations would perish because of the poor formation and education in Catholic schools and monasteries, that impurity would overwhelm the streets like filthy ocean waters so that “there would be almost no virgin souls.”  Repeatedly Our Lady warned of a crisis in the Church and the clergy both in secular and regular circles.  Ever since I can remember I have always asked, “Why”?  Why has the third secret never been revealed?  If you think it has you are sorely mistaken.  It has not!  If it had been you would know by it’s fruits!  If you have followed the Fatima apparition messages you would also know that Our Lady reverberated this: “In this supreme moment of need of the Church, those who should speak will fall silent.”  With all these warnings from the Mother of God Herself why have the cardinals and the popes of the Church not taken a stand?   Is this yet another punishment for our times? 

During the main apparition, in the early morning hours of the  Feast of the Purification in 1634, Our Lady appeared to sister Mariana giving her the five meanings the Sanctuary 75befd_c34f95cd8c384a40aaf965099e96c7db[1]Light Extinguished.  The first meaning was the propagation of various heresies.  With the spread of these heresies in the world, it means that the precious light of Faith will be extinguished in souls by almost a total corruption of customs.  The second meaning that the Sanctuary Light Extinguished, is the global sweeping of sensuality.  The third meaning is the spirit of impurity.  The fourth meaning for the lamp to be smothered is that the Masonic sects will infiltrate into all social classes and will subtly introduce its teaching to corrupt the hearts of children.  This Masonic teaching will then also lead to the crisis in the clergy.  Our Lady also pointed out that “This will mark the arrival of my hour”.  The fifth meaning is the indifference of the wealthy and apathy of the people.

The message of Our Lady of Good Success is a motivation of hope.  Our Lady said, “when the evil will appear triumphant and when the authority abuses my power”, this is when she promises her intercession, at that moment.  She then said this would “mark the arrival of my hour, when I, in a marvelous way, will dethrone the proud and accursed Satan, trampling him under my feet and fettering him in the infernal abyss.”  This message links perfectly well with the message of Fatima in 1917 when Our Lady said, “In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph.”

th[9] (2)Now you know and you must decide either to take the stand yourself or be a victim of the circumstance.  I would hope that you would choose Our Lady and stand with Her and let people know what we are up against and communicate to them how they can protect themselves from the snares of the devil and call upon Our Lady of Good Success for protection and to bring forth the restoration of the Church that we so desperately need today. 

Time is NOT on our side anymore!

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