Prayers & Pilgrimages

The Importance of First Friday, First Saturday

The customary observance of the first Friday of each month was encouraged by the Catholic Church, based on a promise made to St. Margaret Mary of Alacoque, that special favors, such  as the grace of final perseverance, would be given to those who received Holy Communion on nine successive first Fridays.

Join Mike on the Santa Fe Pilgrimage in Kansas, USA

ATTENTION MEN & BOYS:  If you haven’t made your plans yet there is still time!  Set your calendars, your iPads, your smartphones to walk in a very efficacious, warrior- like, pilgrimage two hours west of St. Mary’s, Kansas! 

Starkenburg Pilgrimage

The following is an excerpt of a Starkenburg article that was written a long time ago by Father Novak. 

St. Thomas Aquinas Prayer before studying

If you happened to catch the talk on education this morning, Monday, September 14th, on Your Morning Tradition, the following St. Thomas Aquinas prayer is what we prayed.  Feel free to copy this for yourselves and for your children. 

North American Martyrs – Auriesville Pilgrimage

The North American martyrs were Fr. Isaac Jogues, Fr. John de Brebeuf, Fr. Noel Chabanel, Fr. Anthony Daniel, Fr. Charles Garnier, Fr. Gabriel Lalemant, Rene Goupil and John Lalande.  

Santa Fe Pilgrimage, Kansas and Santiago, Spain Connection

Right here in the United States we have a very special pilgrimage that happens once a year around the feast day of St. James the Greater ( July 25).

Cataldo Pilgrimage ~ July 17th – 19th ~ Rich in history and faith

Looking to make some changes in your life?  Then consider the Cataldo Pilgrimage.  This pilgrimage, although done as a group, is very much an individual journey.  Its design is to help the pilgrim search out a more spiritual or moral significance. 


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