The hidden mysteries of Palm Sunday

Turning to Sacred Scriptures, we find the bearing of palm branches to have been one of the principal ways of manifesting joy; and one not only approved but commanded by God at the time of the foundation of the Jewish religion. 

Laetare Sunday

According to the book History of the Mass, the fourth Sunday of Lent is what is known as the “Sunday of the Golden Rose”, from a custom observed at Rome of blessing a rose made of pure gold mixed with musk and balsam. 

Special penitential forms of reverence

For a long time the celebrant merely bowed after each elevation of our dear Lord in Holy Communion.

Chalice Linens – their significance

Vesture. It means an item of clothing; garment; attire.  That’s what linen cloths are for the Chalice. 

Visualizing the altar decorated

Like everything else there is a proper way to decorate the church altars. 

Midnight Mass at Bethlehem

Wouldn’t it be lovely to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in Bethlehem visiting the very spots our Lord was more than 2,000 years ago? 

Appointments of the altar

Appointments of the altar are the items that go on the altar. 


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