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Anglicans profane St. Peter’s Basilica with heretical prayer service

On Monday, March 13th a group of Anglicans sang Evensong (the equivalent of Catholic Vespers) in St. Peter’s Basilica. David Moxon, an Anglican “Archbishop” who runs the Anglican Center in Rome, presided over the sacreligious event. Pope Francis was not in attendance.

News Links – 2/21/17

Catholic politician Marine Le Pen has a good chance at becoming the next President of France. Quite naturally, the Davos crowd is in a frenzy. Among other things, she has promised to get tough on immigration and, most recently, pledged to replace homosexual “marriages” with “civil partnerships.” Clever of her to announce this right when she took the lead in the polls. Oh, and did I mention she refused to meet with Lebanon’s grand mufti because she was to wear a headscarf?

New Jersey Bishop’s sing-a-long perfectly captures the crisis in the Church

Why does every Fr. Tom, Brother Dick and Deacon Harry in the post-conciliar Church think they have to appropriate cultural norms in order to reach Catholics? The Church got along just fine without karaoke machines, “youth masses” and selfie sticks. 

Collegium Sanctorum Angelorum

Catholic higher education in the 21st century is deplorable. Among other things, progressive professors, modernist theologians, and feminized campus ministry departments have made it nearly impossible for a young person to go to college and graduate with their faith intact.

Church & State with Stephen Kokx- June 10, 2016 In this Church & State episode Stephen Kokx announces a new adventure for the Summer (actually he’s starting a new job…but staying with us!). Stephen spends the first several minutes giving his take on the final Ordinations in Winona. next Stephen welcomes John Horvat, Vice President of the American Society for Tradition, Family & Property, to the show to chat about American economics and a return to a more agrarian, God Centered Society.

“Church & State” with Stephen Kokx (May 27, 2016)

In this “Church & State” episode, Stephen Kokx talks briefly about the European Union and then shares his thoughts on Cdl. Muller’s remarks about the Society of St. Pius X needing to “accept Vatican II” before they are fully “regularized.”


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