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A brief explanation of the Christian Religion

By Monseigneur De Ségur Dei et Apostolicae Sedis Gratia  Imprimatur By Archbishop of New York Michael Augustinus   There are many people, otherwise good and upright, who live without religion, and resemble pagans in the midst of Christian society; because they have no real knowledge of religion. Having no knowledge of it, or only a very superficial knowledge, they do not appreciate it; having no appreciation of it, they cannot love it; having no love for it, they do not dream of practicing it.  There is often a very false idea of religion in the world, and it is in accordance with this idea that it is judged, condemned, and criticized.  This is a deplorably thoughtless age, and it is with the intention that you may avoid this common failing that I desire to explain to you briefly this holy and glorious Christian faith. Religion is that bond by which God is united to His creature, and the creature to his God. Religion is that sacred and necessary science which teaches us what God is, what He has done for us; what we are, what we must do for God; what life is, and what awaits us when life is ended.    There is one true religion, because there is one true God. There is only one, because there is only one true God; and to know Him, to love Him, and to serve Him constitutes religion; and this one true religion is the Christian or Catholic religion, in which you and I have had the happiness to be born. It is called Christian, because the divine center of all its mysteries is Jesus Christ, the Son of God made man; Catholic, which means Universal, because it embraces all times, all people, and all places. Religion, considered as a whole, may be classed under three great divisions: The first contains the truths that we must believe, because God has revealed them to us; the second contains the duties that we must practice, shows forth virtue and vice, and is called Christian morality; the third contains those means of sanctification and salvation which God presents to us, treats of the sacraments, of prayer, and of Divine worship. The first part of these instructions is addressed more especially to the intellect; the second to the heart; and the third to the emotions: that is to say, to the soul in all its relations with the world around us. An explanation of the Credo, or the Apostles’ Creed, constitutes the first part; an explanation of the Commandments of God and the Church constitutes the second; an explanation of the Seven Sacraments, the Lord’s Prayer, the Angelic Salutation, and religious ceremonies constitute the third. To be continued…..

Duty of the Christian Mother

St. Monica, before the birth of the great St. Augustine, dedicated him by frequent oblations to the Christian religion, and to the service and glory of God, as he himself witnesses, saying:

A first for Traditional Catholic radio

Traditional Catholic on-line radio station, Magnificat Radio, nominated for prestigious Gabriel Awards. A first for Traditional radio.


There is a Marian Retreat for men at Our Lady Queen of Peace Church, 3012-3016 37 Ave., Vernon, British Columbia. 

Confraternity of Catholic Homeschool Mothers

The Confraternity of Catholic Homeschool Mothers…what is this exactly?  Ladies, do you feel overwhelmed, frustrated, a little frantic  or unorganized at times?  You know that you want to raise your children in the best way possible for God but you may not know how to accomplish this.  We might have the answer you’re looking for.  Find out…

The Rise of Islam – Part of the Chastisement?

I write this article as a ‘concerned Catholic’ here in the UK. The subject affects everyone who lives here, but it also affects the entire world.

The story behind the great Feast of Corpus Christi

The fruit of the Holy Ghost…The honoring of the REAL presence of Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist…This is what a Corpus Christi procession is all about. 

What happened to the Mass?

Some people may say, nothing happened to the Mass. 

Custom Missal & Breviary Covers

Have you ever admired the beautifully designed missal covers that you see at Mass? 

The hidden mysteries of Palm Sunday

Turning to Sacred Scriptures, we find the bearing of palm branches to have been one of the principal ways of manifesting joy; and one not only approved but commanded by God at the time of the foundation of the Jewish religion. 

Help save God’s church…

Built in 1923 this historic, beautiful Shrine has survived through 93 years of history. 

Laetare Sunday

According to the book History of the Mass, the fourth Sunday of Lent is what is known as the “Sunday of the Golden Rose”, from a custom observed at Rome of blessing a rose made of pure gold mixed with musk and balsam. 

St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary Lincoln MKZ Giveaway

St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary is a place where young men go to receive their intellectual and spiritual formation in the hope of becoming a future priest.

Special penitential forms of reverence

For a long time the celebrant merely bowed after each elevation of our dear Lord in Holy Communion.

Blessed John Licci ~ Patronage of Head Injuries

The year is 1753.  The date, April 25 when John Licci, a holy religious Dominican, was Beatified by Pope Benedict the XIV. 


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